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Want to start running or jogging?


Are you thinking of starting jogging or running but are unsure how to begin?
Just get some trainers, shorts and a vest and off you go, right? Wrong!

Like everything else, there is a right and a wrong way.
The way you prepare and the way you run are all important in making the exercise more enjoyable and avoiding injury.

You know it’ll be good for your health but you certainly don’t what to hit any unexpected problems.
And who doesn’t want to avoid injury while running?

Have you ever come across someone who has been running for a while and has ended up with knee trouble? Hip problems are not uncommon among long-term fun-runners and professionals alike. Hip replacement surgery means you will not be running again.

Nobody wants any of that, which is why it’s important to know the right techniques needed for successful running. Get it right then less effort is necessary, the risk of injury is reduced and the whole experience is more successful.

The Jog-Run-Win video will show you how things can change.


Email 2

Are you a runner and want to improve?


Do you go running or jogging?
Do you want to improve your running?
Did you know there is good and bad technique for running?

Get it right and running is fun and good for fitness and health. Get it wrong and a lot of energy is wasted, as well as there being injuries, like sprains, or bad knees and hips farther down the line.

With the correct techniques running becomes easier and more relaxing.
What if you could run faster with less effort?

That sounds good doesn’t it?
It is possible.
The correct running technique means you will be using less energy for the same result.

The correct technique means you will lower the risk of injury, like problems with hips, knees and ankles.

The correct technique means performance improves and your running or jogging is more successful and more satisfying.

This video is worth a look to explain how things can get better.


Email 3

Forget about “No pain, No gain”


Many training systems talk about “Feeling the pain” and “No pain, no gain”. They mean that to get healthier with exercise you need to suffer.
That’s from the dark ages.

With the right system, your running can improve without lots of suffering. Most people running and jogging are not making the most of their potential.

Just a few adjustments can change that, so that performance improves, injury risk is lower and the running experience gives more pleasure.

The motto needs to be: “Train Smarter, Not Harder”.

This video should explain all.


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